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GRS Plastic Bags | Truly recyclable plastic bags become the focus of the recycling supply chain

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With the continuous development of the economy and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness in all walks of life, the introduction of recycled materials has become inevitable, and the themes of environmental protection such as the recycling and reuse of production materials and the promotion of circular economy have been constantly proposed and valued. The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) focuses on recycled content, social and environmental practices, and chemical use throughout the supply chain, making this standard the focal point of the recycled supply chain.
What is a Recycled bag, what is a PCR bag, PIR bag? What are the uses of PCR plastic bags and PIR plastic bags? Why should you change to PCR plastic bags, PIR plastic bags? Is it environmentally friendly?
GRS certified Recycled bags are more environmentally friendly
With the introduction of new tax rules on plastic packaging bags in many countries in Europe and the United States, plastic tax must be paid for the recycling rate of packaging bags less than 30%. These new tax rules are also intended to spur increased recycling and collection of plastic waste, a more environmentally friendly move to divert it from landfills or incineration.
The PE materials transferred during the manufacturing process and the PE materials produced by household, commercial, industrial and other institutional facilities continue to be produced after recycling, sorting, cleaning, granulation, film blowing, printing, bag making and other processes. PE material, PE plastic bag. Realize recycling and reuse, effectively reduce the extraction of new PE particles from petroleum, so that on the basis of meeting human demand for packaging, reuse existing PE materials, use and recycle continuously, and cycle back and forth, without increasing the earth. The existing stock of PE plastics reduces energy consumption and pollution in the production of PE pellets, and reduces resource waste and pollution from incinerating PE plastic bags.
Therefore, GRS recycled plastic bags, or recyclable plastic bags, refer to plastic bags that meet customer requirements and meet internationally recognized environmental protection standards, and are truly recyclable and recyclable plastic bags, which are important products of environmentally friendly packaging bags.